Tile Diamond

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The next generation of Tile Maintenance

Tired of getting on your hand and knees to clean Ceramic Tile floors? Wouldn't you like one cleaning tool that handles both the tile and grout? Wouldn't it be great if this tool was flexible enough to clean hard to reach areas (ex: behind toilets)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the new patented Tile Diamond floor cleaning tool is the solution to all your tile floor cleaning needs.

Ceramic Tile is one of the fastest growing hard floors in the country. In fact, by the year 2016, Ceramic Tile is expected to be the largest selling hard floor market. The Tile Diamond floor cleaning system will reduce the number of tools (big toothbrush and mop versus one Tile Diamond) and cleaning chemicals (one chemical for both tile and grout).

The Tile Diamond cleaning system saves consumers time and money versus having their tile professionally cleaned.


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